The Ruins  LbNA # 14560 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateApr 18 2005
LocationSmyrna, GA
Found By BrewHiker
Last Found Nov 5 2005
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The Ruins

Smyrna, GA is home to the remains of the Concord Woolen Mill, located on the East Side of the bottom loop of an S curve in Nickajack Creek. It was built around 1847. On July 4, 1864 the Union Army destroyed the factory where woolen uniforms were being manufactured for the Confederate Army. After the War Between the States, Robert Daniel and Martin Luker Ruff rebuilt the woolen mill. The factory overcame great obstacles, including war and fire, being rebuilt and modernized several times. By 1916, the mill had been sold to Annie E. Johnson of Rome, Georgia, who planned to reactivate the factory by providing employment for displaced Russian Jews. Her plan failed. The property was obtained by Cobb County in 1980 and has been developed into Heritage Park and the Silver Comet Walking and Bike Trail which starts just south of the Concord Factory ruins and eventually will go to Birmingham, Alabama.


Your journey begins at Heritage Park, located at the intersection of Fontaine Road SE and Nikajack Road SE, Smyrna, GA. Park in the small lot nearest the trail. Note that pets are welcome, but under restraint. The trail is well marked, having been edged in with timber along each side. The trail begins with a bed of mulch, but turns to gravel and eventually to dirt as you journey along. Be advised that there are low spots along the trail where mud abounds.

As you travel along, youíll pass several overlooks. Take a moment to enjoy the view, but donít delay, the trail ahead is winding away. Shortly upon embarking on your journey, youíll need to hop upon a bridge to traverse the marshlands with ease. Stop along your way to catch glimpses of Nickajack Creek. At the end of the first bridge, itís a left turn youíll make. As you journey the trail, take note of the 5 bridges and 2 picnic shelters. Theyíll be helpful landmarks to count!

Make sure to enjoy the sounds of the creek nearby, the little animals & insects, and the vegetation so green and thick. There are many nature trails springing from the timber trail edges. But, donít be mislead, itís the ruins you seek. Now donít despair if the journey seems long; youíll walk about a mile and a half before the old mill comes into view. Just a couple more clues and Iím sure youíll find this small sign of Spring that awaits you soon. Remember that bigger is not always better. As you enter the ruins, youíll have hiked up a short bank, but once inside the ground levels out. Look slightly above and count the nitches in the old stone wall. At the eighth nitch, look to the ground and spy a stump. Just behind and under those stones is the treasure you seek, something new and lovely among the ruins.

If you pass the long picnic shelter or cross the improvised bridge, youíve gone too far. But after youíve found your prize, you may want to continue on up the trail to see some beautiful water falls, or join the Silver Comet Walking Trail or seek another Smyrna letterbox.