Trail Rider and Cliff Hanger  LbNA # 14568

OwnerSafari Man      
Placed DateApr 18 2005
LocationLogan, OH
Found By jomochri3
Last Found Oct 22 2012
Hike Distance?

Location: Hocking Hills State Forest-- Rappelling area

Difficulty: Easy
Bring: Pen or pencil, old rag/gloves and a stamp pad.

Locate and park in the small gravel parking lot designated for the rock climbing and rappelling area. To find this, locate Conkles Hollow which is on Big Pine Road and very near the intersection of Big Pine Road and St. Rt. 374. The gravel parking lot you are looking for is .7 miles northeast of the Conkles Hollow parking lot and it is on the north side of the road. (thanks Trailtracker for the directions)

Find the park sign where those climbing or rappelling must register. Look across the road to find the trail head and I-beam footbridge. Cross the footbridge and make a hard left to follow the bridle trail. Pass the lean over tree and continue on up and around until you come to a sharp left turn where you will stop at the split rail fence corner (with a posted tree right beside it) . At the corner of the split rail fence corner take a heading of ~ 210* and go 12 steps to the tree. Behind the tree under rocks and leaves you will find "Trail Rider". When done stamping and replacing everything, head back to the kiosk at your end of the foot bridge.

CLIFF HANGER **Found 11/22/2010At the kiosk take the trail that goes up the hill from right beside the kiosk.
Continue up the hill to the junction of trails marked by a trail sign. Follow the middle trail that heads up at ~ 160* for 48 steps and stop at a large beech looking tree on your left. Be careful when searching around this tree due to barb wire imbedded in the tree. Cliff Hanger is in the hole in this tree under a large rock in a black pouch. Please make sure the baggies are resealed well to keep the log dry in the pouch. Hope you enjoyed your rappelling and find many other boxes in this beautiful forest.