Phew and Trail Hiker  LbNA # 14578 (ARCHIVED)

OwnerSafari Man      
Placed DateApr 18 2005
LocationLogan, OH
Found By GC Tandem
Last Found May 10 2009
Hike Distance?

Location: Hocking Hills State Forest--Rose Lake

Difficulty: .5 miles to the boxes with light/moderate physical effort, easy directions.
Bring: pen or pencil, old rag/gloves and a stamp pad

Find and park in the Fisherman's Parking lot on SR 374 north of Cedar Falls. Find the path from the parking lot that goes across the road toward Rose Lake.

There are also three other letterboxes along this trail by Trailtracker. They are "Rose Lake", "Let The Sun Shine" and "Hannah".

Begin at the trail head at the top of the wooden steps finding the park sign which says, “Swimming Prohibited.” Count off 252 steps along the trail to a 4x4 directional park post with a yellow arrow on your left. You would have just passed a deer crossing path just 16 steps earlier. From this post, count an additional 58 steps along the trail to the snapped off/root end of a very long fallen pine tree laying directly beside and parallel to the trail on the right hand side. From that root end of the tree, continue another 54 steps to another park post on the right side of the trail. This post also has a yellow arrow. From that post continue on the path another 125 steps, into the pine forest to a fallen log on the right hand side of the path. It lies in a general east west direction with the broken off trunk at the end away from you. It also has many stobs of broken off limbs sticking out of it to make it more recognizable. Under the trunk end of the broken down tree lies a character you don't want to meet up with at close quarters in any forest. After discretely doing the retrieve, stamp, reseal well and replace, then continue on down the trail to rose lake. As trailtracker says.... "all paths lead to water" or something like that.

TRAIL HIKER (Note: Reported missing by two boxers, the last of which was VW Family on 8/26/07)
30 to 40 feet or more before reaching the water of the lake on this trail, you will come to an intersection of paths. Your path meets a path going right/left along the bank of the lake. From this intersection take a bearing of 040* and walk up the hill 42 steps to a tree with a vertical slit in the trunk from the base up to about 7'-8'. Trail Hilker is taking a break in the hole in the base of this tree under several small rocks. Discretely awaken him/her and remove it from the hole for stamping purposes. When done, reseal the baggies well and replace the box as you found it. Now don't you wish you had brought your fishing pole and a few minnows or worms (or top water plugs......or plastic worms.......or crank baits) or whatever, for the monsters that are bound to be out there. (wish I had planted a fishing stamp but I will do that next trip) Well, next time bring your fishin stuff along and so will I.