Keystone Trail  LbNA # 14594 (ARCHIVED)

OwnerThe Herkies    
Placed DateApr 17 2005
LocationOmaha, NE
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THE BOX IS GONE as for July 17, 2008.

Keystone Trail/Bellevue Loop Trail
The Keystone Trail/Bellevue Loop Trail is the longest and busiest recreational trail in the metro area. It is paved and very flat except for its underpasses which allow users to cross all major streets safely. The character of this trail is diverse. Northern portions feature park and residential settings. The heart of the trail travels through industrial areas. Agricultural elements surround southern sections.


Somwhere between Fort Street and Boyd Street...

Stay on the trail. Find two eights to your left and one eight to your right side. Walk about 100 yards. Leave the east for the west. Take the first path to your right, down and up, than like a snake... Don't forget to count paces . You will need 90-100 of them. Watch for a pile of logs , sticks and branches very close to the right side of the path. The Keystone Trail box is there, waiting for you!!! Have fun!