The Creature of Fountainhead Park - Part 4 of 6  LbNA # 14603

Placed DateApr 17 2005
LocationOccoquan, VA
Found By Night0wl
Last Found Dec 4 2012
Hike Distance?

Beast of Bottomless Lake – carved by Music Woman
Momba Zombie – carved by Music Woman
Steam Demon – carved by Sarah Pike

After hopping into the mystery machine, Shaggy tore off down the road and out of the park as if all the monsters were chasing them. He made a left onto Hampton road and then a left at the stop sign onto Henderson road. At the next stop sign he made a left and continued on Henderson road. Then took the first left onto Wolf run Shoals road happy to go quickly past the cemetery on the left.

Finally he pulled to a stop at the very end of the road right before some conservation area signs. The Mystery, Inc crew were exhausted so you offered to go on ahead and check out the latest monster sightings. Armed with your knowledge of Scooby Doo trivia you make your way down the trail until a path joins from the right.

What was the first Scooby Doo Where Are You episode?
If it was What a Night for a Knight continue straight
If it was Fright House of a Lighthouse take the trail to the right.

Soon the trail will curve right and you’ll see double blue marked tree on right.
From double marked tree take a bearing of 195 and go thirty or so steps until you find a large 2in1 tree with another tree directly in front of it. Climb up the bank and at the bottom of that tree you’ll find The Beast of Bottomless Lake. Stamp in before he goes back to his watery home.

Return to the double marked tree and continue downhill and across the bridge.
Walk along the water and then up hill passing a huge 3in1 tree on your left.
Trail curves to the right at the top. You’ll see a spooky stump off trail on the left and a tree on the right with double blue blazes

Then you reach a point where you have to choose.
Kasey Kasem was the voice of what character?
If Shaggy turn left at the trail junction
If Fred turn right at the trail junction
If Scooby go straight ahead

At fork you have to choose between the well marked trail or the spooky trail to the left.
If Tim Curry voiced a character in Scooby Doo and the Alien Invaders take the left and search the old stone ruins.
If Tim Curry voiced a character in Scooby Doo and the Witches Ghost take the right and head down the hill.

As you eat your Scooby snacks, you’ll pass carved trees on your right.
On your left is a fallen tree touching the trail. Follow it all the way to about ten feet from the end and underneath you’ll find Momba Zombie.

Head back the way you came in and go back down the hill to the 3 in 1 tree. You think you hear someone in the woods. Was that Velma?

What is Velma’s favorite word?
If “Zoinks” then go 15 paces back up the trail and take a bearing of 150 and walk into the woods about 30 steps to the fallen tree. Underneath this hidden by stones is the Steam Demon.
If “Jinkies” then go 15 paces past the 3in1 tree to a log across the trail. Take a bearing of 300 and walk into the woods about 60 steps to the stone structure.
Nearby is a fallen tree. Underneath this hidden by stones is the Steam Demon

Your solo quest is done. Go join the others back at the Mystery Machine to search for more monsters and have some Scooby snacks.