Easternmost Letterbox in the USA  LbNA # 14612 (ARCHIVED)

OwnerKeltic Kara    
Placed DateApr 15 2005
LocationLubec, ME
Found By K&K
Last Found Oct 8 2008
Hike Distance?

SAdly, this letterbox has gone missing (confirmed missing 9/2009). It's such a great location. I intend to recarve this stamp and replant either later this year or in the spring of 2010.

Quoddy Head State Park
Lubec, Maine



Facing the lighthouse, red and white
Take the trail off to your right

Past picnic tables along the ledge
Past the stairs leading to the water’s edge

Sit if you’d like with D.J. and the rest
Though continue on if you’d complete this test

Cross bridge over stream with the water so clear
If you look close enough see that Elvis was here

Now a fork in the path, to the left or the right?
Keep away from the bog; head toward the point.

The trail goes up, the trail goes down
There’s more uphill ahead, but do not frown

Over roots and make-shift stairs
Continue on, you’re almost there

Past the nameless bench to the wire and pole fence
Seven paces past the end, now stop forthhence

Spy a crevice at 150 degrees
Crowned by a weathered, dead spruce tree

Inside that rocky crack lies your prize
But don’t stamp here, ahead is a feast for the eyes

A short way foward around the bend
Is a bench with a view and your treasure hunt’s end.


Please rehide this box with care so that no part is visible. Also note that the right side of the crevice is a little deeper, so rehide the box on the left side of the crevice.

Thanks to my friend BJT from the Land of Mid in Michigan for helping me find the perfect hiding spot for this box. Thanks also to my folks, Sisu and CanMan from West Michigan for helping me develop the clues.