I'll Fly Away  LbNA # 14645

OwnerFire Dragon    
Placed DateJan 27 2004
LocationAustin, TX
Found By The Mighty Meerkat
Last Found Jul 18 2012
Hike Distance?

Kid-friendly, but mind the poison ivy. Bring/find a stick or equivilent to remove/replace the letterbox from its hiding place.

This box was reported in good condition on 7/23/2008.

1: Travel by your favorite method to the base of Mt. Bonnell, Covert Park and climb the 100 or so steps to the top.

2: After catching your breath, reading the boulder and admiring the view from the pavillion, look for the close-by green NOTICE telling you what not to throw from the top of Mt. Bonnell (a bottle, an explosive, a rock). Remember these instructions.

3: Walk the trail upriver toward the Pennebaker Bridge to find a second familiar-looking NOTICE.

4: From in front of this 2nd NOTICE, walk 15 paces further on, turn toward the direction of the rising sun and find a path.

5: Check for poison ivy before before proceeding. You know it is the right path if (a) there is a cedar with many limbs pointing toward the Capitol, and (b) you must duck under the low limb of tree.

6: This trail ends quickly at a "T." Look to your right to find a tired old cedar trying to lie down for a rest.

7: Hidden in her skirts is what you seek.

Let us know what the condition of the letterbox is: mujerdee@yahoo.com