Seahorse  LbNA # 1465

Placed DateApr 28 2003
LocationKittery, ME
Found By Traveln Turtle
Last Found Aug 17 2015
Hike Distance?

this box has been replanted in its original location. as nautilus has pointed out, there is no digging what so ever to find this box! DO NOT DIG ANYWHERE! updated clues are at the bottom.

Originally planted by Carolyn/Leader of the Pack and kindly adopted in May 2008 by uneksia (smile).

(Note from September 2003: This box has been reported missing several times recently and the owner was not replying to e-mails inquiring about its status. We
decided we'd try for it anyway and wanted to let folks know that the box is indeed there. However, I worry that people have been trampling around and digging up places in searching for it - in fact there is no digging that is required. We are friends with someone whose father
manages that site and he is concerned about the impact it is having. I don't want to give anything away, but out of concern for the habitat, and to make sure the letterbox is allowed to stay there, please check to make sure you have the right tree before taking your second compass reading - it truly is a granite point as the clue says.
From Leader of the Pack clues updated on 9/4/03 please leave the park undisturbed, thanks Nautilus


From the highway at Kittery Maine just after crossing the bridge from N.H. take Rte 103 east. This is a very winding Maine road through some very postcard like scenery. Head eastward to the Fort McClary State park. Make a donation please they do a wonderful job at maintaining the fort and grounds and I imagine the winters are tough on the entire facility.

Colonial history brings you to Fort McClary named after the highest ranking officer to die at Bunker Hill. This little fort dominates a view of the Piscataqua river where it runs into the Atlantic Ocean. Spend time climbing through the remnants and then go into the fort itself. Now imagine yourself a soldier posted there one cold winter. Could a fire throw just a little more heat agaist the cold winds blowing in from the Atlantic. Then purse in hand head down to the waterfront. Pay 25 cents for an incredible view. After the view take a reading of 40 degrees. Spy the White Pine with the triple trunk (there is more than one tree check your bearings) - wander in that direction. At the tree take a reading of 20 degrees go the 10-12 paces to a granite point( Look don't dig it is there and easy to access if in the right spot!). Below and to the right is what you seek.

PLEASE be very discreet in extracting your box. Wander off to a private space and stamp up then quickly slip it into hiding again.

Planted by the Leader of the Pack and Cowboy on a history loving vacation

i am not sure that the white pine with the triple trunk is still standing. i am sure that if you wander off in that direction and look for a granite point you will be successful.