Macedonia Mighty Oak  LbNA # 14659 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateApr 23 2005
LocationKent, CT
Planted Bynaturesfriend    
Found By irishmohawk
Last Found Mar 11 2012
Hike Distance?

Macedonia Mighty Oak

Take Rt. 7 to Kent, Connecticut. Turn west onto Rt. 341 (at the monument). In about 3 miles, turn right onto Macedonia Brook Road. At about 0.8 mi., the park road forks left. Continue on to the beginning of the park (about 0.3 mi.) where it becomes a dirt road. After 0.2 mi. you will see a trail sign on the right. Park just beyond this on the left.

Cross the road to the trail sign. The blue-blazed trail follows south east rising steeply (10-15 minutes tops), up to a group of hemlocks where the trail switches back towards the north levelling out to an easy stroll along the ridge. You are on the edge of the park with Skiff Mountain to your right and Cobble Mountain to the left. Further along you will see the remains of a fire place to the left of the trail. Here the trail begins climbing again, steep at times then more gradually to the next crest. Where the trail goes downward slightly, you will see a lone Scotch Pine on your left, opposite a blue blaze on the right of the path.

(Hint: there is an earlier Scotch pine before the place where the trail climbs again - don't be tricked! Also, don't forget that tall Scotch pines have bare lower branches.)

At this blue blaze, turn west facing the pine and walk directly toward it (about 10 paces). Continue in the same direction past the pine about 35 paces through blueberries to a large boulder. The Mighty Oak letterbox is at the base of the boulder around the back. Hiking time is 40 minutes up and 20 minutes back.

There is also a circuit hike you can take by continuing on the trail and turning left onto the yellow blaze trail.

Bonus Box: Rock Man's Eye!

Note on November 1, 2008: Both the Macedonia Mighty Oak and Rock Man's Eye have been vandalized. I will be replacing the boxes and stamps soon.