Grist in the Mist  LbNA # 1466 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateJan 3 2002
LocationMansfield, CT
Found By WWW
Last Found Oct 27 2008
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Replaced 1/3/02
New place and clues

Rated: easy walk along river, one compass reading

Located at Gurleyville Grist Mill ,- A Joshua’s Trust Property , Stone mill Rd. ( off Gurleyville Rd.) Storrs , Ct. Tolland County

Park off the side of the road , folks will be bringing the grain of their harvest for grinding in the Mill. You can almost hear the creaking scrape of the two large stones as they roll over each other crushing corn kernels funneled into the midst. The river is high with rain and rushing by just past the back wall. The sluiceway gurgles diverting a strong current to power the mill then releasing it back into the river to chase its way to the sea.

Across the dirt road in a little house Governor Wilbur Cross was born long ago. His family ran the mill , but he studied well, and later in life was elected Governor.

When the air is warm and the river water cold and clear the little valley fills with a damp mist and walking the dirt road over the river and bridge is liking walking back in time. Up Stone Mill to the sign directing hikers to the blue dot trail – Nipmuck. Turn right into the driveway and follow the blue arrow. Be respectful this is a right of way over private property. Up the drive a few steps the trail veers off to the right . Stay on the trail while viewing the beautiful pond , island and bridge. Remember to stay on the trail. Imagine yourself carrying a large sack of corn home to your farm. The trail follows the shoreline of the pond and passes a clearing at the end of the pond. The trail dips in between small green Hemlocks and continues on toward the river. Look for a dead pine pointing toward the river, when you come next to the far end of the pine on the trail- Stop take a compass reading of 250 degrees. If no one can be seen or heard in close range on the trail seek your Grist in the Mist box. When you find it move off to view the river and stamp in . Please rehide the box so others may come to the mill and harvest the image. Remember the small town boy born in a modest mill family who became the Governor of a great State.