Keyhole Box  LbNA # 14672

OwnerSophie & Me    
Placed DateApr 25 2005
LocationWaukesha, WI
Found By shooting starz
Last Found Sep 12 2014
Hike Distance?

Last checked and found in place 4/08


*A small fee or park pass is required to enter the park.

The stamps in these boxes fit together to creat a whole image. Keep this in mind when stamping up!

To begin looking for the two Keyhole letterboxes, park your car at the Picnic Area #5 parking lot. Cross over the road at the dead end to walk down the path to the ahead.

Soon you will see two sholder-level brown posts. go to the second one you see and turn left and start walking up the hill.

Once you get to the top of the hill, just before the hill crests, look for a footpath on the left. (Be carefull, there are two paths in the area that go to the left! Take the first one!)

Walk about 27 paces down this path. Stop. Look to your left. Look for two logs, one resting upon the other. The first Keyhole Box will be hidden inside the top log.

Walk back to the main trail. Continue in the direction you were going before. Soon you will see a short brown post on your left. Walk past that post. Go towards the next post you see up ahead, a little on the right.

At the post, start counting paces! You will want to walk 175 paces down the trail as it turns to the right and heads downhill.

When you reach 175 paces, stop. To your right, you should see a big pile of boulders behind some trees. There should be a small footpath that leads to the boulder pile. Follow that path to get closer to the boulders.

Now, start turning over each and every boulder until you find the hidden box. (Just kidding!!!) The second Keyhole Box is hidden behind the big, moss-covered boulder, close to the path.

When you are done stamping up, either backtrack the way you were going, or continue ahead and expolre some more trails around th park!

Please feel free to contact me to give me updates as to the boxes’ condition or any comments you might have about the search.