Quack is Back  LbNA # 14677

Placed DateApr 24 2005
LocationBroadripple/Indianapolis, IN
Planted ByTrail Mail Junkie    
Found By Imagine!!!
Last Found Jan 6 2012
Hike Distance?

Quack is Back

Quack is Back
This hand carved stamp was originally placed during the Hoosier gathering in March but has now been replanted in a location befitting its name.

From the intersection of Central and Westfield you will see a bridge over Fall Creek.
You will begin this short journey on the north side of the creek, along the canal path heading west. Locate the marker 25/275 and begin pacing about 91 paces (pace = 2 steps). On your right you should see a twin trunked tree with a large honeysuckle bush at its base and guarded by a lone sentinel evergreen on its north side. Look on the NW side of the trunk, in a camo taped container for what you seek. Probably not large enough for a hitchhiker. Please contact me when found and let me know the condition