Forest Garden  LbNA # 14689

Placed DateApr 21 2005
LocationOverland Park, KS
Planted ByWyldBlueberries    
Found By Outdoor Girls
Last Found Oct 2 2006
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Forest Garden

(7/2008: Sorry we're no longer to check or maintain our boxes. Check the latest status on LBNA prior to hunting it.)

(Jan 2007 update: these boxes have been reported missing. Check back for updates.)

This box is located at the Overland Park Arboretum and Botanical Gardens. If you love streams and trees and waterfalls, this is the place for you.

Be sure to wear bug spray and bring your camera, because the mosquitoes are plentiful during summer months and there are plenty of great spots for staging a family photo. Did I mention the mosquitoes?

Admission is free and the Arboretum is open daily from 8 a.m. to 7:30 p.m. April 10 through September 30 and 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. October 1 through April 9.

Directions to Arboretum:
Take U.S. 69 to 179th Street; go west approximately 1/2 mile. The Arboretum is on the southwest corner of Antioch and 179th Street; enter off 179th. Antioch is not a through street from the north. Park in the Parking Area.

From the Parking Area, Walk west past the Visitor's Center and grab a trail map.

Directions to the letterbox #1 “Cottonwood” formerly known as “O.P. Arboretum box” and placed 11/2003:

(This box is undergoing maintenance right now and is not available. 7/2/05)

Walk down the sidewalk past the Visitor’s Center across the dam of Margaret’s pond, through the Erickson Water garden and toward the big mound of the Children’s Garden.

When the sidewalk hits a dead end at the Children's Garden, turn left.

You will see a campfire circle on your left - take the first sidewalk to go around it (the sidewalk is made of tinted stones).

Standing at the entrance of the campfire circle, take the sidewalk that goes to the left toward the woods.

When this sidewalk ends, turn right on the mulched path - you are now on the West Trail (technically the end).

Continue on the trail; as you pass the water station, you will be heading 260 degrees.

If you encounter any forks, stay on the main mulched trail. Stay on the path when it turns south.

After you've gone about 1/4 mile from the head of the West Trail (just past the .75 mile marker that counts from the other direction) you will find a park bench.

Sit in the middle of the park bench, facing 240 degrees. About 25-30 paces in front of you is a tree with two trunks - one alive and one dead.

In a hollow at the base of this tree, you will find the box, pinned in with a native stone and covered with leaves. (Be sure to return it to this condition.)

Directions to letterbox #3 “Shagbark Hickory”:
From the Visitor’s Center, head south on the Asphalt Loop. The loop will head back to the east.

After a couple of minutes walking you will see the beginning of the Birdwatch Trail on your right (it may not be labeled but the marker is yellow). Go south on the Birdwatch Trail. Continue down this rocky path, and eventually you will reach a rocky creek bed.

Walk uphill 25-30 steps from the creek bed, and look for a group of three medium-sized shagbark hickory trees on your right. The box is hidden under a rock at the base of the left-most tree in this group.

Directions to letterbox #2 “Sycamore”:
From the Shagbark Hickory box, continue on the Birdwatch trail. Stop if you like to view the birds from the shelter of the bird blind building.

The Birdwatch Trail will intersect the Cottonwood trail (white marker). Take the Cottonwood trail to the left. You’ll be headed generally east.

When you reach the bridge over Wolf Creek, cross the bridge – you are now on the Bluff Loop (green). A short ways from the bridge, you will reach a fork in the trail in the neighborhood of a huge pile of mulch.

Go to your left, and head up the hill. There will be two paths leading up the steep hill – you want the one on the right.

When you reach the top of the hill, take the path to the right. On your left will be the stony bluffs that give this trail its name. Take the second trail on your left. This faces the bluff.

(The directions from this point are difficult to explain because it’s a pretty rough area with lots of rocks and tree stumps. Be prepared to do a little searching for this one….)

Twelve steps in front of you there is a fork in the path and there is a large dead log between the forks. Go to the left here.

Ten steps in front of you there is another small fork, go left again.

At the top of the bluff on your right there is a spot where a large tabletop rock overhangs a few feet. The box is hidden in a crevasse under this overhang and is well-hidden behind small rocks. Be sure to replace the rocks so the box can’t be seen.