Riverside Ramble  LbNA # 14693 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateApr 25 2005
LocationRancho Cordova, CA
Found By handy trackers
Last Found Nov 22 2008
Hike Distance?

This is a hike of about 3 miles along gravel and dirt trails. Though the trails are moderately clear, there are many nettles and lots of poison oak in the area. You will want to wear long pants and bring gloves when letterboxing here.

From Hwy 50 in Sacramento, go north on Bradshaw Road. Turn east onto Folsom and north onto Rod Beaudry. There is a $4 fee to enter the park, which is at the end of Rod Beaudry. (If you want to skip the fee, park on a side street before you get to the guard gate and walk in.) Enter the gate, pay the fee, and turn right at the fork in the road. Park at the end of the road near the gated entrance to the Bike Trail and emergency call box.


Spring Sentinels and Not Nemo- Missing 8 May 2006

#1) Silly Seal - Retired, Jan. 2007

Cross the bike trail and go north on the gravel path. Pass the uprooted stump on your left. At the second yellow post past the stump, shortly before a trash dump, turn left onto a well-traveled trail. Pass an open area that has large river rocks on your left. Continue along the trail. Turn right at the fork, where you see a "no bicycles" sign.

Follow the trail north until you come to a second "no bicycles" sign. Turn around and walk back the way you came for 8 feet to a multi-trunked tree on your left. Look in the center under branches for our silly seal. Let's hope your sense of direction is better than his.

#2) Goldfish Bowl

Turn back around and continue along the trail awhile to a well-defined 4-way intersection. (Don't turn too soon.) Turn left and walk to the horse parking area. Go through the yellow gate, passing the port-o-let on your left. Walk straight ahead and enter the westward trail to the right of the hitching post and watering area.

Continue on the path to the paved road ahead. Carefully cross the road and enter the trail ahead between two yellow posts. Take 50 steps to a fallen log. The large end of the log pokes out from the brush at the right edge of the trail. Its narrower end is on the left side.
Look in the hole in the north end of the larger piece.

#3) Wee Wings

Turn around and return to the paved road. Cross the road and walk back to the horse parking area. Go back through the yellow gate and walk to the 4-way intersection. Proceed east through the intersection and you will see the paved bike trail ahead of you. Just before you reach the paved trail, turn right onto the dirt and gravel path that parallels the bike trail. Go south. Go over the wash. On your right see the rock pile with a "no bicycles" sign beyond it. To their left is a large multi-trunked oak tree with 3 inviting hollows. Wee Wings has alit up high in one of them.

Return to the trail and continue south, keeping the paved bike trail on your left. You will pass the trash heap and eventually soon return to the parking area where you began.