Bugbee Natural Area  LbNA # 14720

Placed DateApr 24 2005
LocationMissoula, MT
Found By bitterrootgirl
Last Found Aug 2 2015
Hike Distance?

Bugbee Natural Area is named for Professor Henry Bugbee a former professor of Philosophy at the University of Montana. There are numerous sites about Professor Bugbee to be found on the Internet.

To get to the Bugbee Natural Area:
On I 90 take the Van Buren Avenue exit. Turn North on VanBuren and continue into the Rattlesnake Creek area. Remain on Van Buren approx. 7/10 of a mile until you see Missoula Ave-- a one way street that is to your left- turn left here. Go on Missoula Avenue for a few blocks until you come upon a wooded area to your left containing a wooden sign stating "Bugbee Natural Area".
Once you are on foot at this sign head westward towards the creek until you find a large rock with a quote from Henry Bugbee carved into it. This will be your starting point for both letterboxes.

(hid by Pigperson)
From the rock take 80-90 steps back towards the sign. The path passes between two sections of a fallen tree and you should be looking at a fork in the path. Take the right fork. Take 30-40 steps to another fork in the path, once again, take the right fork. Now go yet another 30-40 paces until you come to a large pine tree to your right. Next to the pine tree is another fallen and rotting log. The first letterbox is behind this log under a large piece of bark.