Fuzzy Wuzzy in Puddin' Lane  LbNA # 1475 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateApr 28 2003
LocationMansfield Center, CT
Found By Wolfy
Last Found Feb 21 2008
Hike Distance?

Time: 1 1/4 hours

Rate: moderate

Sponsor : Cock-A-Doodle-Moo 4-H Club

Fuzzy Wuzzy was a fuzzy wooly bear. Fuzzy Wuzzy wuz looking for a place for a winter lair. He started on rte 195 in Manfield Center and turned onto Puddin La. just north of East Brook mall. The trail head is marked by a very large rock there is parking for just 2-3 cars. This is the start of the Nipmuck in Mansfield. Fuzzy Wuzzy new this was where to look for a cozy home .

Up the trail went Fuzzy Wuzzy leaving hundreds of footprints in his path. It is a long climb if your the Fuzzy Wuzzy type , up , up , up. He passed a tree shaped like a fork with meat stuck in it, but Fuzzy Wuzzy wasn't hungry wuz he.

Next he crossed a stream bed and wuz happy it wuz dry this season, Fuzzy Wuzzy hates wet socks by the hundreds.

On went Fuzzy Wuzzy to a place that smelled like Christmas, but Fuzzy Wuzzy wasn't happy here wuz he? No, on he went.

He passed Woodpecker apartments but they make noisy neighbors, all that tapping so on he marched, left, left, lft, left, right , right, right,and so forth. Can you picture Fuzzy Wuzzy on a stairmaster here we go............... Whew!

When he was tired of climbing he rested at a tree that looked like a chair for a Fuzzy Wuzzy king. This was to rich a neighborhood , so Fuzzy Wuzzy Went on , you should too.

Pass a tree bridge on the right and climb as Fuzzy Wuzzy did, it is a pretty neighborhood here. Up , up, up, the trail our friend Fuzzy Wuzzy climbed.

" We are near people houses this just won't do!" so Fuzzy Wuzzy followed the trail as it turns right , note 2 blue dots mark a change in dirction. Fuzzy knew this too. A white trail crosses thats for skiing, Fuzzy Wuzzy didn't want to be sqished so he ..... went on.

Then Fuzzy Wuzzy came to a big bed no oone would sleep in, glad his many feet stayed dry he went on.

Next he saw the biggest rock chair EVER! He kept going to many people visit the chair.

Fuzzy Wuzzy was tired. He wanted to find a home. Soon a cool wind told him to hurry. Fuzzy noticed that the blue trail turned right at a sign, but it was too busy, so he headed straight on the unmarked trail. Then there was a logging site. He could almost hear the distant cry " Timber!" If you were Fuzzy Wuzzy, would you live here? Never - you would get squished, so move on! The trail was nice; then more logging. Yuck! What should a Fuzzy do?

Just after the looging Fuzzy found twin trees. One was dead but they stood together at the right edge of the trail. What a nice spot to live! I can watch all the 4-H kids go by! So fuzzy Wuzzy crawled in by the trees near a rock and snuggled down as a Fuzzy Wuzzy should, when leaves turn and the wind blows cool. If you should find Fuzzy Wuzzy home, he would be happy for you to mark his guest book, but keep his home a secret. He would not want the birds to hear where he was sleeping. We would not want other hikers to know either. Have fun, and please bring dry socks if it's rainy season.