Mystery, Inc. - SOME ARE MISSING  LbNA # 14772 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateApr 17 2005
LocationRichmond, IN
Planted ByTrailStompers    
Found By Lindsays Snowman
Last Found Nov 3 2007
Hike Distance?

**Heads-up! Only two of these boxes are still intact. They are the very last one in the bush, and the one in the stone wall overlooking the pond. Also, NONE of these boxes (except for the last one) are intended to have a logbook in them, so don't worry when you don't see any place to log in. When you complete the series and find the last box, you can log in there. Thanks!**

Jinkies! Zoiks! The whole gang has been separated in the park! They first enjoyed a fun picnic lunch together in one of the shelters. Then Velma went on a study of the history of the park, and making records of the trees and squirrels in the area. Fred got whisked away by a couple of cute mini-skirt wearing girls on the tennis courts. Daphne was heading for the rose garden (and maybe checking up on Freddy-Poo while she was at it). Shag and Scoob...well, who knows where they went off to?! Probably hunting down some grub, ya know, chocolate-covered chili dogs, blockbuster pizzas, stuff like that. But now that it is getting later in the day, they're ready to pile into the Mystery Machine to solve their next mystery! However, none of them can find the others, OR the Mystery Machine! Has a slimey ghoul or a creepy fiend captured them? Are they safe? Are they lost? Help rescue the gang and get then back together!

This series is located in Glenn Miller Park on the east side of Richmond, which is in east-central Indiana. The park is on highway 40, on the north side of the highway.

...Oh, and please know that there is only one logbook for this entire series. It's in the last box, so you gotta find 'em all to log in. Now, back to the business at hand...

Enter the park at the easternmost entrance (near the rose garden). You will pass a rock bridge on the right, a tan/green building on the left, and willow trees on the left. Go around to the right, continue to the right around the pond, and keep going right. Park in the area between the bright and colorful playground and the tennis courts. (The tennis courts are sort of hidden by some great big shrubs.) Locate the white and green wishing well. Didn't Freddy say he was coming over here to this area? Let's see if we can find him behind those tennis court-hiding bushes. There's a low rock wall back there. What is that in the wall between the fifth and sixth posts of the fence around the tennis courts? Ah-ha! You found...?

THE NEXT BOX, THE ONE IN THE ROOTY TREE IS MISSING. I will update the clues when it is replaced.

Next, continue down the road the way your were going. Pass Shelter II on the left. Pull into the dead-end pull-off on the left just past the shelter. Get out of the car and walk straight ahead. When you get to a creek bed (which hopefully is still dry), walk down it to the left. When you get to a big concrete boulder pointing up, you'll find a rooty tree just to the right. CAREFULLY check out that biggest hole there facing the creek bed. What in the world would a member of the gang be doing in there?! Did someone get side tracked from where they said they would be? Thank goodness you found them!!!

Now, go back past the tennis courts and playground to the pond. Park in front of the Pond Shelter. Get out of the car and head to the left. When you get between two downward-going walkways, there is a "no swimming" sign. Between the sign and the pond (near another low rock wall), is a two-part stump. Sit down beside it and admire the view. Careful of muggles, look into the hole in the wall at ground level, directly in front of that stump. There's a camo-covered baggie in there concealing...oh no, Daphne, look out for that...!! (The first two people to hunt this series could not find this stamp. However, I checked for myself and it IS there. Look thoroughly. It's under the rock wall, in a gap down between the ground and the wall. Sit to the right of the stump, with your feet close to the wall, looking towards the pond.)

Whew! You still haven't found everyone yet, and caught all the villains. If you can stand the suspense, now find the westernmost entrance to the park. A tall lady and some younguns are there leading the way. Heading into the park from that entrance, park in the first pull-off on the right. Stand with your back to the second lamp post on the right with highway 40 to your right. There is a big pine tree right in front of you. Bear with us here, someone forgot their compass! (Could it be with the lost remaining members of the gang? haha!) Walking to the left of that big tree right in front of you, you'll go 23 paces total. You'll pass a stump on the right, and another tree on the right. After 23 paces, you should be standing between two twin pines. Now, turn just barely, barely to the left. Just barely! And straight ahead of you now, there is a tangly tree with green growth at it's base. It's about 22 paces away! Zoiks! Raggy, RELP!!! Go to that tree and look for a big knot on it's right-hand side, and a hole under the knot. Further on around to the right side, there's a foursome of smaller trees. On that side of the holey, knotty tree is a chunk of fire wood. Go in for the rescue! Scooby Dooby DOOOOO!!

Now that you have rescued the whole gang, and let's try to keep 'em all together this time, and all the villains have been put in their places, never to be greedy nappers of the gang again, or cause more mischief again, you gotta get the gang to the Mystery Machine. They have mysteries to solve!! Hopefully, their next mysteries won't get the better of them like their lunch picnic did today! Someone spied the Mystery Machine in a place where the gang didn't leave it. It happens to be parked in the spot where YOU are parked. In the middle of the nearby threesome! Hurry, get it before it gets away and you have to start all over again!! :)