Fanny Ann's Letterbox (Inactive)  LbNA # 14783 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateApr 30 2005
LocationOld Sacramento, CA
Planted ByBlack Cavalier    
Found By Dem XX Men
Last Found May 19 2006
Hike Distance?

NOTE: This box is temporarily inactive due to some of the clues being erased. I'll update this entry once the clues have been redone.

Placed for the Gold Rush Romp organized by Sierra Sally.

If you've come to this link from Atlas Quest, I am classifying this box as a normal, virtual & personal traveller. If you solve the clues & I'm able to meet you at the restaurant for you to stamp in, it will be considered a normal box. If you solve the clues, but give me the answer somewhere other than the restaurant, it's a personal traveller. If you send me the clues through email & I send you a stamp image, then it's a virtual box. & being that they're all the same box, you'll only be able to solve it once. Hopefully this isn't too confusing.

So, if you intend to try find this box, you can either:

1) Contact me & we can try to meet up at the restaurant so you can stamp into the box in person.
2) Send me the final clue through email & I'll send you a sticker with the stamp on it.
3) Find me at an event or on the trail & I'll have the box with me.

This physical/virtual/traveller letterbox is “hidden” in the Fanny Ann’s Restaurant at 1023 2nd Street in Old Sacramento. Go to the top floor and find the dinosaur sign near the bar. Standing in front of the sign, there is another sign under the counter with the 1st clue written on it. Follow the trail of clues around the restaurant. Each clue will be prefixed by “GRR” so you’ll now when you find it. The final clue will lead you to a specific item, picture, piece of information, etc with “GRR” on it. & as a bit of clarification, Fanny Ann’s has 5 floors, so this is how I labeled the floors in the clues in order from top to bottom: Top floor, 2nd floor (has the bathrooms), 1st floor (floor you walk in on), 1st lower floor, bottom floor.

WARNING: This box involves a lot of stairs.

If walking up and down all those stairs works up a hunger, I’d highly recommend Fanny Ann’s hot wings. & be sure to check out their unique bathrooms.