Sharing is Good  LbNA # 14787

Placed DateApr 30 2005
Location(not Kittery), York, ME
Found By dragonrider
Last Found Aug 19 2008
Hike Distance?
Last EditedNov 9 2015

Spring checkup done 3-18-06. Alive and well. Come, pahk the cah an find me.

Kenya believe it? Itís upta $2.50 a gallin? Then ya sait cost $1.75 to git on an they want moah to git off? Caaws, if ya kno waya, the gettin off can be free but ya need to know jus waya to make yor move.

Seems tho itís gettin wawse out thaya every day. They jus keep nickel and dimin ya to death an now thaya upta quatas! Trooth is, thaya headed ovah the top; wicked bad Iím tellin ya.

Ayah, an wahm wethaís soon heah which will bring em comin from the south and west and noth any day now! Yessah by gorey, mabbe we should reluurn the old back way or jus hunkah down and stay home for suppah. Still wannago?

OK. Maybe Iíll jus leave mine an shaya spenses with ya. Iíll pahk heah and you come git me.

OK, Iíll pick ya up between 2 & 3.

While I wait for ya Iíll just look around this place. They say sometimes ya can find some wicked awsum stuff around heah. Hey, whatís the road doin ovah theya?

Donít know deah. Better climb ovah and check it out hi and lo and in between.

Have fun, then put back carefully.