First Church  LbNA # 14807 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateMay 1 2005
LocationCoventry, CT
Found By butterfly
Last Found Jan 27 2009
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Carved and Planted by: The Happy Family
Dedicated to: First Congregational Church of Coventry, Junior Pilgrim Fellowship
Placed: 5/1/05
Rated: Easy (Drive By)

This church has meant a lot to me and my family, and after introducing letterboxing to the group of 7-8th grade youth here (that I’ve had the joy of working with for the past 10 years) I thought that I’d carve a church stamp and dedicate it to them. Here are a few things that our group this year really loves about our church:

1. “Great teachers!”
2. “Really like the minister.”
3. “The Sunday School really makes you feel at home.”
4. “Beautiful, nice people.”
5. “Lots of arts and crafts in Sunday School.”
6. “Open to diverse religious views.”
7. “I like that I went to pre-school here, and still go here now [as an 8th grader]!”

Our church is a beautiful example of a 19th century New England church, with a tall steeple, large columns on the front porch and plenty of windows on both sides of the sanctuary for letting the light shine in on the congregation. Start your search facing the front porch. The porch itself was recently renovated due to structural problems with the old coal cellar previously underneath the porch. That was now filled in with concrete and covered over with dyed, stamped concrete that looks just like slate and is a great combination of old looks with new technology.

Walk around the walkway on the right-hand side of the church (parking lot side), taking note of the “wavy” windows through which the sun streams into the sanctuary, and sounds of music and voice sing out on Sunday mornings with warmth and acceptance for all.

Pass by the doorway to the Center for Christian Education. This half of the building was built from 1985 – 1987. It currently houses the Sunday School, Social Hall, Church Offices, and provides space for the Coventry Early Educational Development (CEED) Program as well as the Coventry Nursery School. This is also where our youth fellowship programs meet on Sunday (for 9-12th graders) and Thursday (for 7-8th graders) evenings, to share in community service, fellowship and plain old fun activities.

Continue up the timber stairs and hang a left at the top, passing by the doorway to the church Fellowship Hall where monthly community suppers and weekly gatherings of friends and worshippers are held. It’s also where our Junior Pilgrim Fellowship (7-8th) program plays lots of games on Thursday nights. They recently learned to carve their own stamps for letterboxing, and I hope that this letterbox will be a jumping off point for a number of their hitchhikers in the future! Look for these and the kid’s carved stamp images in the logbook for this box.

After you pass by the doorway, continue straight past the “Garden of Weedin’” on your left overlooking the playground. Relax on the garden bench for a few minutes and enjoy the garden that was planted by residents of the apartment buildings behind you. The church has offered affordable housing since the early 1980’s in these two buildings, and have had a number of great people living there over the years (and still does:).

After resting on the bench, stand up and proceed 22 paces (counting both feet) across the back driveway to a stone wall. Turn left (toward Main Street) and walk 11 paces where you will find a 6-sister tree on the right at the base of the stone wall. Between the tree and wall you will find what you seek!! Stamp in discreetly and re-hide in the same location. Any problems with the box, please email me at Thanks!!

I can’t claim credit for the image, as that was drawn by Scott Rhoades some time ago, but I really enjoyed carving the stamp based on his picture. For more information, past and present, about our church, visit our web-site at or stop by Sunday mornings or Monday-Friday 9-12 AM.