Destin: Henderson Beach State Park Series  LbNA # 14827 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateMay 1 2005
LocationDestin, FL
Planted ByBeachy    
Found By Dash89
Last Found Sep 30 2006
Hike Distance?

UPDATE AS OF OCTOBER 5, 2006: All 4 boxes were seized by Law Enforcement (seriously!) and I was called to pick them up. They will allow me to replant if they walk the trail with me and know where the boxes are ... stay tuned for the chaperone-approved replanting, and I apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused.

Difficulty: Clues and walk easy
Walk time: about 30 minutes
Stamps: Hand-carved
Ink pad: Bring your own
First Finder Certificates: Certainly!

Clue to Destin Nestin’
Planted May 1, 2005

Sea turtles nest on Gulf beaches between April and November, when the female turtle comes ashore at night to lay her eggs in the sand. In two or three hours she will lay about 120 eggs, yet only one turtle per nest will survive to adulthood. In Henderson Beach State Park – a favorite nesting site for the green sea turtle – pristine white sugar sand beaches border the emerald waters of the Gulf of Mexico.

1. Follow signs to the Nature Trail, walking through the playground and up and over two hills to the fork in the road.
2. At the fork, go right and immediately start to count benches. Yep, that one on the hill to your far right is No. 1. Check off Destin Wal-Mart, and then find Randall Strickland (No. 2).
3. Bench No. 3 – “YOUR NAME HERE” – is anchored by a spunky sand pine on the right. At the base of tree, beneath pine needles and palm fronds, lies the prize.

Clue to PeekaBooBoo Kitty
Planted May 1, 2005

All I can say in defense of the random name of this box is that Laverne and Shirley would have loved it here ....

1. Continue around the trail, leaving Bench No. 3 behind.
2. Stop in the trail when you can see Bench No. 4. Ahead and to your right will be a large, hurricane-mangled pine tree.
3. Directly across the trail on the left is a mass of saw palmetto and a piece of driftwood. Look under the clump of palmetto farthest from the hurricane tree, near the driftwood. Hidden well under dead palmetto fronds lies your prize!

Live Oak Live (#3)
Planted: May 31, 2005

Planted later, but just as fun.
It should have been Box #1.

Go back to Mr. Strickland's bench,
Or stop there in the first place!
Sit right down and face due south,
(Across the trail if you're compass-less).

Two sand pines stand at Eleven O'Clock,
Between them, saw palmetto comprises
The perfect cover for creepy crawlies
and the occasional box of prizes.

Beach Rosemary (#4)
Planted: May 31, 2005

Let's recap: if you went right at the fork, the first box you'll come to is Live Oak Live. Then, Destin Nestin'. Next comes PeekaBooBoo Kitty. Whew! So keep going around the loop, up the little hill and then up the steps.

AFTER the sign about Prickly Pear, start counting rails. When you come to the SECOND rail on the right (south side ), go to the far end of the rail (eastern most). Face due South and site 120 degrees (10:00 o'clock as you face the rail post squarely). Walk five to six paces, and beneath the low scrub on the left lies the prize!