East Quoddy Head Light  LbNA # 14831

OwnerThe Aroostook Sleuth    
Placed DateApr 20 2005
CountyNew Brunswick, CAN
LocationCampobello Island, NBR
Found By K&K
Last Found Oct 8 2008
Hike Distance?
Last EditedSep 19 2015

This letterbox appears to be missing. It had a long and fruitful run with boxers visiting from all over the world. I may try to replace it one of these days with a new stamp. Thanks.

East Quoddy Head Light (aka Harbour Light) is located on Campobello Island, NB, Canada. Unless you arrive by sea you have to go through Lubec, Maine.


Find East Quoddy Head Light at the far end of Campobello Island. Note that the lighthouse sits on another island and is only accessible at low tide. So, if you want an upclose and personal view of the lighthouse check the tide charts before planning your trip. The letterbox, however, is accessible at anytime!

Park in the lighthouse parking lot. Notice the large painted concrete barricades. There are paths on the lighthouse side of these barricades. Take the one to the left and proceed to the last barricade on your left.
Here take a compass reading of 318. Go 13 paces bearing left at the Y in the path. (Note: if you take the path to the right you will get a great view of the lighthouse and buildings.) 24 paces to another left. 31 paces more brings you to the top of a small knoll along the path. A small clump of 5 trees will be on your right. 3 paces down and around (keeping the those trees to your right) brings you to a pile of logs and leaves tucked under a tree. Look carefully under stones to find your prize. Stamp up and please cover carefully as even though this is away from the lighthouse it is still a highly trafficked area, very windy and stormy, so please secure the box tightly, under stone, leaves and logs.

Special note: This letterbox is placed in a very safe location. However, please be especially careful if trying to find this box at dusk or under adverse weather conditions. The terrain is similar to the Maine downeast coast-- high cliffs and rocky ledges. Always watch your footing and stay on the trails.