Charles H. Hackley - 2005 Hometown Landmarks Exch  LbNA # 14838

OwnerKeltic Kara    
Placed DateApr 24 2005
LocationEdmunds, ME
Found By Little eye
Last Found Jul 22 2013
Hike Distance?

This stamp was carved by SpringChick of Muskegon, MI and hidden by KelticKara (formerly of Muskegon, now of Lubec, ME). This box was created as part of the 2005 Great Lakes “Hometown Landmarks” Letterbox Exchange, and was sent to Downeast Maine in April, 2005. SpringChick is Michigan’s most prolific letterbox creator, and has boxes in many other states as well. Any letterboxer venturing to Michigan should make a search for SpringChick’s boxes a priority. Each is its own piece of artwork, and her clues can be equally complex.

Before setting off on this Great Lakes Hometown Landmark Exchange, visit the inspiration for this box at the Historical Sites section of Make sure to read carefully; you’ll need to fill in the following blanks to have all the information needed to complete this search. And, if you visit the photos section, you’ll get a sense of the colored pencils you might want to use to complete your stamp.


Welcome to the Hackley House!

This number of master carvers plied their skills in creating the wooden masterpieces for the Hackley House. ________ (A)

This number of leaded glass windows can be found throughout the Hackley House. ________ (B)

This number of colors appears throughout the intricate exterior paint scheme of this historic landmark. ________ (C)

Charles Hackley purchased the lot for his home in this year. ________ (D)

During this year, the Muskegon County Museum obtained official ownership of the site. ________ (E)


Clues to the Charles H. Hackley Letterbox:

Begin your search for my hometown landmark at Cobscook Bay State Park off Route 1 in Edmunds, ME. Once there, your destination is the Scenic Overlook along the Nature Trail, and you have two options for getting there. You can park at the entry station (or near the road if the gate is closed), walk along the paved road, and continue along the gravel road toward the picnic area (to the right). Keep your eyes peeled for the Scenic Overlook trail that will branch off to the right from the gravel road. For those wishing to get off the road, take the Nature Trail, which begins to the right of the informational kiosk near the entry station. There’s a map on the kiosk for your reference. Take the Nature Trail to the spur which branches up to the Scenic Overlook.

The trail up to the Scenic Overlook is rugged and rocky (and a bit of a challenge in wet weather!). As you continue up the path, following the blue blazes, the path will turn into what seems to be a boulder field. Climb carefully. Soon you will approach a “Y” in the trail. If you look closely at the rocks beneath you one blue blaze branches off to the left, another to the right. At this point carefully make your way back down the trail about ten steps.

If you look along a bearing of [(E – D) x 3] you should see another trail. This one actually makes a loop with the right branch of the “Y” back up ahead. Take this new trail (you may have to push away a spruce branch to more clearly see the trail). This trail will lead you to an open area – very clearly the overlook. Pick the spot with the best view. You should be standing on what appears to be the second highest point on the mountain, overlooking one of eastern Maine's landmarks - pristine Cobscook Bay. The highest is probably that outcrop of rock behind you and to your right ten yards or so, but standing there the trees obscure the view of Cobscook Bay beneath you (so not the best spot for an overlook). If you look off and see the fire tower at a bearing of B degrees, and the closest island is at about (E – D + 5) degrees, then you’re probably in the correct location. Notice a crevice at approximately (E – D + A + B + C) degrees. One small spruce grows out of this crevice. The surrounding sentinels area dead and covered with moss. The crevice is approximately five steps directly off the trail. Look under the pile of rocks at the base of the small spruce to find your souvenir of Muskegon, MI.