In A Jam!  LbNA # 14842

Placed DateMay 2 2005
Location????, ME
Found By Bell Lady
Last Found Aug 18 2009
Hike Distance?

Spring checkup done 3-18-06. Alive and well. Come on over!

Don’t you just love it when some locals make it big? You know, they started out in a barn down the road a piece in Kittery and now just look at them! They've done so well you can find their products everywhere. Why, I even saw their wares on store shelves in Europe last year! How sweet it is!

Park in the visitors lot if you can find a space. Find a small path due south and walk until you come to the eastern most round. Take a reading then go about 235○ till you find 8 old souls standing near the sanctuary called a wetlands....we used to call it a swamp! Find your sweet surprise, enjoy it, then replace carefully.