Fiddler's Fancy  LbNA # 14862

Placed DateApr 27 2005
CountyNova Scotia, CAN
LocationSydney, NVA
Found By Thumb's Up!
Last Found Jun 20 2006
Hike Distance?

Degree of Difficulty – easy.
Distance – negligible.
Est. Time – 15 minutes.
Terrain – generally flat and paved.
Accessibility – Yes.

To find this box, first you must locate the giant musical symbol of Cape Breton. Take a minute or two to enjoy the sweet sounds of this island jewel made famous by the likes of Don Messer. Look around, and you’ll soon enough find what no ship can do without!

Once there, read the plaque. Turn to your right and follow the path/grass down to the shoreline. Turn towards "Sydney" and follow the shore. Stop at the wall. What you seek is protected by the overhang of the large boulder to your right.

Bring your own ink and pen!

This box is an orphan, so please, if it needs maintenance, let me know.

Have fun, eh?