Alexander Graham Bell Series  LbNA # 14863

Placed DateApr 29 2005
CountyNova Scotia, CAN
LocationBaddeck, NVA
Found By Lake Loma Lady Bugs
Last Found Jul 30 2010
Hike Distance?
Last EditedJul 21 2016

Degree of Difficulty – easy.
Distance – 200 yds
Est. Time – 20 minutes.
Terrain – mixed pavement and forest
Accessibility – Box 1 difficult 2 ok.

Bring your own ink and pencil!

*Boxes last found 21 Jul 2016 #1 Ok, #2 weather-destroyed - now retired.*

This set of boxes was created to celebrate and commemorate the contributions to the world by Alexander Graham Bell. Not only did he invent the telephone, but he also had a big role in the first manned flight in Canada by the Silver Dart! To find the park the boxes are located in you must first travel to picturesque Baddeck, located on Cape Breton Island. Trans Canada Highway #105 runs through the town. It’s approximately 1 hour from Sydney, NS and about 3.5 hours from downtown Halifax. Signs indicate the directions to Alexander Graham Bell’s park.

***NOTE*** The tree by box #1 has been cut down.

Box #1 Silver Dart

Enter the park grounds and park behind the interpretive centre. Walk toward the main entrance, but turn left and follow the wooden fence toward the picnic area. At the end of this fence, leave the trail and follow the south side of the fence back toward the main entrance, traveling to the left of the twin pines. Take 25 steps from these pines. There will be 1 boulder on your right. Turn left. The box is nestled in the stump of a tree under a small rock.

Box #2 Watson, Come Here!!


Return to the pavement. Follow the path to the road. If you hit the picnic area you’ve gone too far! Turn toward the bay. Follow the pavement to the overlook. Turn left and follow the grass around to the front of the buildings. You will pass some commemorative plaques on your right. Keep following the grass along the roadway to the bottom of the hill by the entrance. You'll see a solitary birch tree to the left of the flag pole. Go to the tree and turn around, facing uphill. Take 23 steps up, then 4 steps towards the pond. What you seek is in the stump.

If time permits, be sure to visit the centre! For more information:

Note: This box is an orphan, so please let me know if any maintenance is required. Have fun, eh?