The Good Earth  LbNA # 1487

Placed DateJan 1 2001
LocationMansfield Center, CT
Found By Rock Island
Last Found Jul 19 2011
Hike Distance?

(Durhamtown Forest)

Rate moderate, some hilly terrain 2.2 mile loop

Planted : 1/1/01 in the snow at 29 degrees ,beautiful!

From Rte 195 in Mansfield take rte 275 ,or from rte 32 in Eagleville take Rte 275. Midway between the two roads turn onto Dunham Pond Rd. A Large field and Garden at the corner. ( not far from Owen's Mere can be joined by by walking the yellow trail from Owen's to Dunham).

On Dunham Pond Rd. proceed down to the cul de sac turn and park in the space designated. This is a very peaceful little neighborhood please respect the private property on both sides of the trail.

The trail enters the woods on a beautiful old road that lead to the Dunhams farm area and through to Maple Rd.The walking is easy as you come to the small bridge at Gardiners brook. Note the large stone dam just upstream. long ago a mill drew power from the water stored behind its walls. The White blazes lead you on up the hill. At the fork keep to the right branch still with white blazes. Your loop hike will bring you back to this intersection.

We saw wonderful tracks of deer, rabbit, mice , birds and squirrel as we walked through the snow. Hike along until you come to a large clearing - the gasline.

The trail continues on the opposite side of the gasline. Zig and Zag along the trail here to see some glorious vies of the woodland. There is a short cut red and white trail that turns off shortening the hike. We enjoyed the view further on and recommend staying with the white trail it is not that much longer. Soon the trail bends around the corner of a stone wall then goes on to join the gas line once again. The trail continues on the other side of the gasline again. After a short piece you will pass where the red/white trail intersects from its shortcut. Continue with the white as it runs somewhat parallel to the gasline for a bit then turns inwards into the woods more.

Soon you come to a small cellerhole of the old Dunham homestead on the right.

Enter through the cellerway and on the right wall your box will be found. Stamp and hide it as you found it so the next may enjoy. Please do not disturb any other part of this historic remnant of the Dunham family homestead.

Back on the trail continue on with the white dots. Soon on the right you will note the walled cemetary of the Dunham family. There are said to be 4 unmarked graves here. The Dunham family has perpetual rights to access the small cemetary. Near the cemetary look for a unique rock called an Obelisk that is shaped rather like a tree trunk. This left here from a glacial age long passed. Down a small incline to a trail junction. Yellow goes right to @75 and Owens mere. Take white to the left then join the trail where you passed the first fork in your hike. Right onto the lane brings you down the hill to Gardiners brook and out to the road and your parked car. Enjoy this wonderful property preserved by Joshua's trust.