Men of the Deeps  LbNA # 14870

Placed DateApr 27 2005
CountyNova Scotia, CAN
LocationGlace Bay, NVA
Found ByThumb's Up! (Attempted)
Last UpdateJun 20 2006


Degree of Difficulty Ė easy.
Distance Ė 100 yds.
Est. Time Ė 15 minutes.
Terrain Ė grass, muddy in springtime.
Accessibility Ė Yes, but avoid the mud!

*** 2 May 10 *** The box was found today still in great shape by the Box Hunters from CB!!!****

** 24 Apr 07 - the box is alive and well as of 23 Apr 07! Many thanks to Meg from CBU who made several trips to recover this box!***

The Men of the Deeps is a choir of working and retired coal miners from the island of Cape Breton in Nova Scotia, Canada. Organized in 1966 as part of Cape Bretonís contribution to Canadaís Centennial Year (1967), the groupís inception was an effort by the people of Cape Breton to preserve in song some of the rich folklore of that islandís coal mining communities. Perhaps their greatest fame was achieved when they collaborated with Cape Bretonís famous songstress Rita MacNeil on her hauntingly beautiful ďWorking ManĒ song. This letterbox is a small token to commemorate them, and miners everywhere.

To find the Men of the Deeps, first travel to Glace Bay. Hwy 4 from Sydney travels into downtown. When you reach the end, youíll see the signs for the Colliery Route and the Minerís Museum. Follow the signs to the south approximately .8km (.5 Mi) Turn into the Minerís Museum parking lot. After reading the interpretive signs at the museum and along the silent machinery, pass olí number 33 and follow the road east for a bit. Youíll soon come to the row of cars that carried the Men of the Deeps into the mines. Look for Number 6. The Men of the Deeps are securely stored behind the rear wheel of the truck closest to the road.

After finding and securing the box, take the time to visit the Minerís Museum and perhaps stop in to the Minerís Restaurant for a tasty meal and cup of coffee in an authentic minerís village building.

This box is an orphan, so please, if it needs maintenance, let me know.

Have fun, eh?