Great Outdoors Box #1  LbNA # 14871

OwnerDouble Tree    
Placed DateMay 3 2005
LocationTroutdale, OR
Found By Kitty walker
Last Found Mar 8 2013
Hike Distance?

This letterbox is very kid friendly. Walking time to the box is 10 minutes tops.

Go to the park north of the House once owned by the Captain that named Troutdale. If in doubt, 1/4 mile north of this small park is the home of LB Healthy Living -- read the town history for the name of the "_ _ _ _ _ _ House".

Once at the park, pass the gazebo, find the gravel trail and head uphill. Enjoy the view and lush greenery. When you reach the boardwalk, look for the log on the right. Under some bark and leaf litter, against the frame, you will find Great Outdoors Box #1.

Please be sure to rehide well.

You can head up a short ways further to the "other end" of the trail, where you can read a bit more history of the area. (Another 10 minutes maybe).

Please note the larger letter in the stamp that is capitalized. It will be part of the clue to find the final letterbox in this series.

The usual disclaimers apply.