The Survivor  LbNA # 14879

Placed DateMay 4 2005
CountyNew London
LocationBozrah, CT
Planted ByMike    
Found By Nairon
Last Found Jun 10 2017
Hike Distance?

WE HAVE FOUND A NEW SPOT FOR THIS BOX! Thanks to all for your patience. Sorry it took awhile.

Christmas week 2004 Bear suffered a massive heart attack. He is lucky to still be with us. This box is placed not only for him, but all those who have suffered with heart disease both living and dead. Bear is one of the very lucky to have survived the widowmaker.

This box is placed in the Bear Hill Wildlife Management area, and is mostly flat easy walking. A couple light inclines.
From Rt.2, take exit 23 and go south on Rt.163. Approx. 1 1/2 miles take a left onto Bishop road. At the stop sign continue straight onto Bear hill Rd. Follow Bear hill to the top and through the green Iron gate. Park in the dirt area. You are now in the Bear Hill Wildlife area.

Head S/SW through the green Iron gate, onto the main path. Pass the barn and out building. Follow this path to an intersection and take the right trail. Follow this trail as it curves west then south again. The path goes down a slight hill and curves through a recently semi-cleared area.
Notice the two trees standing guard over the trail. Keep going.. down the hill and cross an over grown field. as you enter what might appear as the wooded section of the trail, you will pass through an old stone wall. It is most noticeable on the right. As soon as you do this, stop and look right. Notice the old twin trunked oak. 3 Feet to the right of the tree and low in the wall will be the survivor. Stamp in and rehide well.

From here it is your choice to return from where you came or continue on the path which will lead you back to your car in a round about way. Enjoy the walk.

Be sure to bring the clues to the "Bozrah Name" and "Kate Morgan" as they are both near by.