Englishtown  LbNA # 14890

Placed DateApr 23 2005
CountyOther International
LocationEl Barco de Avila, INT
Planted ByQuilter & Traveler    
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Placed by Quilter and Traveler

Area: Avila, Spain

Starting from the front of the Gredos Hotel, walk up the stone path toward the entrance gates. The stone path will join the paved road. Continue through the gate with the pedestals on top. On both sides of the road, you will notice new plantings. Do you see the magnolia trees? There are large rocks on your left but you must continue straight ahead and through the second gate.

You are now on the road and you must turn right. Walk up the road and you will see some electrical towers on the right. On the left, you will see the home of El Toro...be careful, he may be at home!

Continue past the building on the right with the glass bricks on the front. You may not want to breathe deeply here because this is not a perfume factory. Just ahead you will see a large loaf shaped rock with a smaller rock bench in the front. Walk around to the other side where there is a log next to the rock. Say hello to the gecko. Under the pile of smaller rocks is that which you seek.

Stamp into the log book and use the Englishtown stamp on your paper. Please include the date and a note if you wish. Re-hide the box completely and leave the environment as you found it.
email: jlvan@comcast.net (would appreciate hearing from all finders)