Chief, the Letterboxing Dog  LbNA # 14916 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateMay 2 2005
LocationWoodstock, GA
Found By Momof2Beauties
Last Found Oct 9 2006
Hike Distance?

This letterbox is located in Lewis Park in Woodstock, Georgia.

Directions to Lewis Park: Take Hwy I-575 to exit 8, the Towne Lake Parkway exit. Head West till the road splits. Stay to the right following Towne Lake to Bells Ferry Road. Turn North onto Bells Ferry following to Surrey Drive; turn right onto Surrey Drive following to Big Woods Drive. Turn left onto Big Woods Drive. Follow to Merchant’s Glen on your right. As you turn right onto Merchant’s Glen you’ll be driving between two houses. The white concrete drive you see directly ahead is the driveway to the parking area for the park.

The trail begins to the left side of the parking area. Enter the gravel trail. You’ll notice a part of the trail joining from the left, but don’t take this trail. Continue and you will see that the trail splits into 3 parts. Take the middle road and walk straight ahead. Look to your right and you’ll notice a tree with three trunks twisting around itself. Look up and notice the tree with a birdhouse hanging on it. Look beyond this tree and back down at the ground where you’ll spy a stump with a rock about 12 steps off the trail. Check behind the rock and there you’ll find a tribute to Chief, the Letterboxing Dog.

Be careful as you pull this box out because it’s very near the trail. Listen for passersby as they usually come in groups, chatting and giving their presence away. Remember to reach carefully into holes in the event there is more there than meets the eye! While you are at Lewis Park, be sure to seek the “It’s Official” series of letterboxes….you won’t want to miss them!