Thin Mice  LbNA # 14917

Placed DateMay 7 2005
CountyCape May
LocationSeaville/Marmora, NJ
Found By Beau Geste
Last Found Nov 28 2013
Hike Distance?

This letterbox is a very easy one, good for a newcomer. It is located in the Cape May County Park North, aka Cameron's Wildlife Sanctuary. The address is 1099 Rt 9. I'm not sure if the city is Marmora or Seaville.
After you pull into the parking lot, walk down the dirt road to the entrance gate. As you pass through the gate, in front of you will be the main path, which is asphalt. Follow it all the way down to the main lake, by the main office. Continue down the asphalt path, past the blue port-a-pottie on the left. You will see a dirt path on your right, marked with a sign nailed to a tree that simply says "Trail". Follow the trail down to the gazebo. Go to the back of the gazebo and reach into the hole in the lattice at the bottom of the gazebo. Be sure to visit the geocaching box just next door!
By the way, the short story behind the box's name: We went to the park during the winter a few years back. On the front gate sign was a warning - "Danger: Thin ice" Of course, my brother, being the smart alec he is, felt the need to alter the sign, which read, upon our departure, "Danger - Thin mice".