Great Outdoors Box #3  LbNA # 14922

OwnerDouble Tree    
Placed DateMay 7 2005
LocationCorbett, OR
Found By Happy SAHD
Last Found Jul 3 2009
Hike Distance?

1/31/10 Stamp reproduced, and added to a box in Oxbow Park. This hiding place no longer in use.

From Portland take I84 east. Exit 35, then go west to the Horsetail Falls parking lot. NW Forest Pass not needed here.

8/20/06 Box relocated. A tree fell on the trail to the previous location.

Follow the trail uphill and head toward Ponytail Falls. Continue past the falls after spending a few minutes admiring the view.

Watch for rotten, mossy wood R.
36 steps to a waist-high boulder on L.
92 steps to a mound of moss on R.
Other side of trail.

Nestled in the crook of 2 larger mossy rocks, is a smaller not-mossy rock. Underneath it and bark is the box.

Note the larger capitalized letter, as it will be part of the clue to the final box in this series.

The Gorge is beautiful! Enjoy your time there.