Great Outdoors #4  LbNA # 14924

OwnerDouble Tree    
Placed DateMay 7 2005
LocationCorbett, OR
Found By 8 Bare Feet
Last Found Jul 8 2009
Hike Distance?

This box is located at Ainsworth State Park in the Gorge.

Take I84 to exit 35, and go west a short ways. Pass by the first Ainsworth parking area, the second, and park at the third where the picnic tables are.

Look for the reader sign. What percent of wetland areas have disappeared in the last 100 years? Remember this number.

Off to your right is a trailhead to Ainsworth loop trail. Count 70 steps to a square-shaped rock sticking out in the middle of the trail. Remember the number from above, add 10, and count that many steps to Acer circinatum. Just ahead is a rather large specimen of Doug Fir, on the left. To the left, at its roots, is a rock covering Great Outdoors #4.

Please be sure to re-hide well.

Also note the larger capitalized letter. It is part of the clue needed to find the final box in this series.

Enjoy your day in the Gorge!