Green Pine Serenity  LbNA # 14946

Placed DateMay 8 2005
LocationJamison, IA
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Hike Distance?

(Actual hike is about 6/10ths of a mile total)

From Indianola, Iowa youíll
Need to head out.
Take Highway 69
Quite a ways to the south.

Turn west on Pacific
The ocean itís not.
Just follow the highway
And youíll find the spot.

Now take the street
That should have a red breast.
An avian friend
We see out of her nest.

R-260th Avenue comes
Just round the next bend.
Youíll see the brown signs
Follow them to the end.

Begin your search
Near the Green Pine plaque.
Now the fun will begin
You donít want to turn back.

A short hike in
3/10ths of a mile.
I know you can do it -
Just start with a smile.

Past the gray bar ramparts
Down the knoll proceed.
Over the levee
Past the inland sea.

Follow the junction
Up the north trail youíll be.
Winding your way
Past the deciduous trees.

One way you can go
When the meandering path Tís.
A large boulder nearby
At 139 degrees.

Donít go this way
But set out to the north.
Around 2 more bends
Itís really quite short.

Stroll up the trail
To where the green pines grow.
Youíll see them standing
Row upon row.

A sharp twist to the north
Means youíre almost on top.
212 degrees takes you
To this letterbox.

A broken pine arrow
Pointing up to the sky.
Donít look down low
Youíd better seek high.

If you spot the barbed wire
Youíre way out of bounds.
Just reverse your course
Or no box will be found.

A special bonus
Youíll also redeem.
A tranquil park
In which you can dream.

Youíll never suspect
The fun it could be.
Until you have found
Green Pine Serenity