Deserted  LbNA # 14953 (ARCHIVED)

OwnerA-Bear (&J-Bear)    
Placed DateMay 8 2005
LocationHarker Heights, TX
Found By Belton Girls
Last Found Dec 31 2006
Hike Distance?

Deserted Letterbox placed by A-Bear.

The clues below direct you to the following boxes in this order: Dana Peak (clues not listed below), Armadillo, Deserted, Mama Turtle, Baby Turtle and Patriotic Pug (clues not listed below) Letterboxes.

Difficulty: Medium
Time: 1-2 hours (depending on if you seek out all 6 boxes in this area) Can be muddy.

Dana Peak is located in Harker Heights, TX. To get to
the start point from I-35, take US 190 West and exit
FM 2410 East, turn left off the exit. (There are two
exits to FM 2410, take the one in Harker Heights, and not the one to Stillhouse Park) Continue East for 3.5 miles and turn right onto Commanche Gap (Follow the sign to "Dana Peak"). You’ll pass the "Goats for Sale" sign on the left side of the road and continue about 2.5 miles to park on the left side of the road at the bend with the gate leading to a large path. This is your start point.

Armadillo Letterbox (Placed by A-Bear):
Pass the gate and walk up the hill (Dana Peak clues needed at this point) and then down the hill towards Stillhouse Hollow Lake. Continue past a rusted, metal “Vehicles Prohibited” sign on the left side of the trail. Continue past a turtle trail marker (facing the other way) and trail on the right side of the trail. When you reach a trail crossing (with a faint Turtle T-2 wooden trail marker, arrow pointing right, on the left side of the trail), head on the trail at 190 degrees for 25 paces/50 steps to the rocks where the trail starts to descend. Head 6 paces/12 steps off the trail at 120 degrees to find the Armadillo in the stump under a rock.

Deserted Letterbox (Placed by A-Bear):
After stamping in, return to the Turtle T-2 trail crossing, and take the trail at 65 degrees, towards the hills across the water. At the next trail marker (unmarked again), continue straight.
When you are walking on lake-level, you will come to a dead end with a choice to go left or right. Take the trail at 10 degrees. At the next trail marker (markings no longer visible), follow it straight. This will lead you around the water. At the next trail marker (unmarked), go straight.

You will then come to a faint Turtle T-2 trail marker on the left side of the trail. Just past this marker follow the path at 110 degrees. Follow the next Turtle T-2 trail marker (very visible) to the right (From here you would go left to find the Patriotic Pug Letterbox). When you reach a ‘Y,’ continue to the right. Take the next Turtle T-2 trail marker leading you left up the hill. Follow the trail up hill, which will be a little steep and rocky at times. At the next Turtle T-2 trail marker, go left up 3 steps (used to be 4, but one step is no longer in place). At the top of these steps look at the small boulders ahead at 340 degrees. Behind them is an even smaller one with Deserted Letterbox hiding under it.

Mama Turtle (Placed by Armyswmr99):
Then go up 7 steps. Continue up the trail. When the trail peaks, you will see a deer trail that leads up to the actual peak (which is topped with large boulders and a great view). When standing at the base of this deer trail, look at 20 degrees and you will see a medium-sized boulder (downhill from you). On the downhill (North) side of the boulder, look under a small rock pile for Mama Turtle. Please stamp her in your book so that you can reunite her with her baby.

Baby Turtle (Placed by Armyswmr99):
After you’ve stamped Mama Turtle, return to the trail and head east. Go down 7 steps. Stand on the 7th
step. At 30 degrees, you will see a dead, split tree
with a cactus on top. At the base of the tree, under rocks is the Baby Turtle. Please stamp him in your book to reunite him with his Mama.

You may either return the way you came and wave to Mama Turtle on your way out or follow my directions below:

Continue down the rest of the stairs and follow the path through the woods to the next “Y" and go left. Another “Y” with a Turtle T-2 trail marker go straight/left. At the next “Y” go left. Next “Y” go right and then you will come to a path with a biker box in front of you. From here you can go right to reach the Patriotic Pug letterbox (Patriotic Pug clues needed here) or left to get you back to your car. If you go left at the biker box, follow the trail until you come out of the woods with a trail on your left. Continue straight to take the path back to your car.

The trek is a little long, so Armyswmr99 rides her mountain bike, but it is a nice afternoon hike also.