Apache Gold  LbNA # 14954 (ARCHIVED)

OwnerKristal & Ron    
Placed DateMay 6 2005
LocationGlobe, AZ
Found By PunkSoulBrother
Last Found Oct 25 2009
Hike Distance?

Legend as far back as Coronado and his Conquistadores tells of a treasure guarded by the Apaches of Eastern Arizona. It was called the Apache Gold.

Today’s San Carlos Apaches are all too happy to share the Apache Gold with visitors. Go to the edge of the Stronghold to find a little piece of Apache Gold to take home with you.

Apache Gold Casino is on Highway 70, about 3 miles east of Globe. When you arrive on the property, follow the signs to the Stronghold Golf Club and park near the clubhouse. On the hillside to the west, you’ll see a bronze statue of a warrior on horseback. Standing at his shoulder, look for a medium-sized mesquite tree directly to the north, about 2/3 of the way down the slope. The box is at the base of the tree on the west side. There’s a faint trail that goes right by it.

(People aren’t normally allowed to wander around golf courses, but they won’t give it a second thought if you disguise your intentions by taking a camera and snapping a few pictures!)

Check out their website at www.ApacheGoldCasinoResort.com