Dana Peak (Updated)  LbNA # 14957 (ARCHIVED)

OwnerA-Bear (&J-Bear)    
Placed DateNov 30 2002
LocationHarker Heights, TX
Found By Bloomin' Gramma Jo
Last Found Jan 17 2014
Hike Distance?

The links to these clues got messed up, so find the updated clues below as of 8 May 2005, and the box is in good shape.

Placed by Armyswmr99

Difficulty: Easy, but includes about a 100' elevation gain.
Time: 15 minutes

Dana Peak is located in Harker Heights, TX. To get to
the start point from I-35, take US 190 West and exit
FM 2410 East, turn left off the exit. (There are two
exits to FM 2410, take the one in Harker Heights, and not the one to Stillhouse Park) Continue East for 3.5 miles and turn right onto Commanche Gap (Follow the sign to "Dana Peak"). You’ll pass the "Goats for Sale" sign on the left side of the road and continue about 2.5 miles to park on the left side of the road at the bend with the gate leading to a large path. This is your start point.

Pass the gate and walk up the hill on the large path until you come to a large washout on the right. Immediately past the washout, follow the path at 130 degrees up the hill into the woods. Once in the woods, the path narrows down, and you will see a path on the right. Don’t take it, but continue from that point counting 30 paces/60 steps straight on the path you are already on. Stop. Behind you, to your right, you should see a medium boulder. At 60 degrees, walk 5 paces to the a clump of fallen trees. Look under the trees, on the back side, to find the Dana Peak Letterbox.

Stamp away! Due to the large amount of beer bottles atop the actual peak, I didn't place the box there, but if you follow the path up the mountain, you'll see the small trail to the top, where there is a great view of Stillhouse Hollow Lake. Enjoy.

If you are going to search for the Armadillo, Deserted, Turtle Trail Series, and Patriotic Pug Letterboxes head back down to the main trail near the washout and follow it down towards Stillhouse Hollow Lake and pick up the directions from there.

Please let me know how the box is, as this is my first placement. armyswmr99@yahoo dot com or contact A-Bear above at Contact the Placer.