6FOT (updated)  LbNA # 14959 (ARCHIVED)

OwnerA-Bear (&J-Bear)    
Placed DateDec 29 2002
CountySan Saba
LocationBend, TX
Found By Forever 5
Last Found Nov 24 2006
Hike Distance?

Some of these boxes are MISSING:

The links to these clues got messed up so as of 8 May 2005, this is what I know on the status of these boxes, which at this time is not much, but these are the clues that are supposed to be with the Six Flags Over Texas Series in Colorado Bend State Park.

Placed by Armyswmr99

There has been flooding in this area, so I'm not sure if any of these boxes are still there. I've noted the status of box #1 below, but keep in mind I cannot verify it for sure. So if you're local to this area and would like to venture out this way, please let me know if you find any of the boxes so I can update the clues. Thank you for your help in advance.

Difficulty: Medium
Time: 2 hours
Distance: About 4 miles of open Texas hill country

Colorado Bend State Park is located about an hour and
a half northwest of Austin. From Austin, take US 183
to Lampasas. (If you are coming from the Killeen/FT
Hood area, take US 190 to Lampasas. Turn right when
you come to the stop light in Lampasas, towards US
183.) When in Lampasas, look for the sign to FM 580
and turn left. Continue on FM 580 until you enter
Bend. Follow the signs to Colorado Bend SP left. You
will cross a cattle guard and begin driving on a
private road. Continue cautiously, as cows graze
freely between here and the park entrance. Drive
approximately 5.1 miles from the cattle guard to the
trailhead marked “The Windmill Trail.” About a .25
mile prior to the trailhead, you will enter the park
and pass a small house on the right.

Begin at the trailhead to “The Windmill Trail.”

“SFOT #1”-MISSING!! (as of 16 June 2004, this box was located with the Ranger Office because someone found it and turned it into them. I'm not sure if it's still at the Ranger Office)

Start at the trailhead and follow the blue/yellow
arrow trail markers. In about 100 yards, the trail
forks. Follow the blue/yellow arrow trail markers
left. Approximately .5 mile you will walk through a
tunnel of trees followed by an open field with a lone
tree in the middle of the field to the right. Stand
at the base of the lone tree. 190 degrees from the
tree, at about 25 feet is a small tree. The letterbox
is at the base under a rockpile.

“SFOT #2” (Alive & well as of Thanksgiving 2006)
Continue on the trail in the same direction. Follow
the blue arrow trail marker left. From that trail
marker, walk up the trail approximately 100 meters and
you will see a large rock on the right at a tree.
Continue walking 20 meters to a large rock in the
middle of the trail. Stand on the rock. At 290
degrees, look for a clump of trees. At the base of
the trees, on the side opposite the trail, look under
a rock pile and you will find “SFOT #2.”

“SFOT #3” (Thanksgiving 2006 couldn't find it)
Continue on the trail. Stand at the next blue arrow
straight trail marker you come to. At 285 degrees, at
approximately 30 meters there will be a clump of 3
small trees surrounded by rocks. Look on the W/NW
side in a small bush under a small rock. “SFOT #3.”

“SFOT #4”
Continue on the path. At the next trail marker, you
will be at a fork in the road (there are also rock
cairns there to mark the path.). Take the path that
cuts sharply back to the left. (If you are short on
time and want to skip boxes 4 & 5, you can take the
path to the right. It will take you to the
campground, from there, take a right and it will take
you back to the trailhead, while passing #6). At
about .25 mile, you will see a steel water tank on the
left of the trail. Standing at the tank, at 275
degrees walk 15 meters to a clump of 3 trees. Behind
the tree closest to the trail, in the bushes you will
find “SFOT #4.”

“SFOT #5”
Continue on the path. Stand at the next yellow arrow
trail marker. At 235 degrees, see the lone Juniper
tree at 20 meters. At its base, under a rock pile,
you will find “SFOT #5.”

“SFOT #6” (Alive & well as of Thanksgiving 2006)
Continue on the path. At the T-junction, turn right
(two yellow arrow trail marker). You will pass the
“Primitive Campground” and then the windmill and well.
At the 2nd “Primitive Campground” signs and
blue/yellow arrow trail marker, take the path to the
left. Follow the blue arrow trail markers straight,
and then right. Follow the blue arrow left. You will
pass a trail marker across from a fence and then walk
up a hill. Continue on the path until you return to
the initial fork in the trail. Stand at the trail
marker. At 285 degrees, 20 meters see the Juniper tree
base split into 4 trees. “SFOT #6” is in the split of
the tree under rocks.

Continue to the end of the trail.