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Red Canyon Park  LbNA # 14966

Placed DateMay 5 2005
LocationCanon City, CO
Planted ByMudstumpers    
Found By TX AF Family
Last Found Jul 21 2007
Hike Distance?

Our favorite place in Colorado, so far, is this quiet park. Similar to Garden of the Gods in beauty but very much off the beaten path...really off the beaten path. You will not regret the trip. I will leave it to you to check the map to get here. Once you arrive in Canon City, you need to find Red Canyon Road. Once on Red Canyon Road, just keep going, it will change to unpaved (unimproved) roadway. The park is to the left. If you are coming from Cripple Creek on Shelf Road, it is on the right.

This park offers great hiking/biking/horseback riding/camping/picnicing/bouldering/scenic photography/critter watching and more.

Watch for the BIG dangerous critters, there are bear and cougar reportings here. We have seen the tracks of big cats.

Drive by: yep. Your car will get dirty.
Very easy but watch for the pricklies...bite sting scratch and possibly critters too.

Just after you drive thru the entrance, stop where the drive opens up on the washout area. Go back up to the signs. You will see 2 boulders near the Park Rules sign. Our 1st Colorado letterbox is wedged beneath the bigger one on the right behind some rocks. Please be careful, the hole is large enough for critters to take up residency, use a stick and gloves to obtain this micro box. This box was made on the go and the paper VERY tiny; no ink pad or pen provided.

Please be discreet and replace the box carefully and rehide it well so that it can recieve other visitors.

Enjoy what we call a bit of heaven, wander the whole park there is much to see and some short walks and long hikes to be experianced here.

Please email us and let us know of your experiances.
Please help us keep it alive. We will not be able to maintain the box regularly.

Still in place as of 9/16/06