Phantom Canyon  LbNA # 14970

Placed DateMay 5 2005
LocationVictor, CO
Planted ByMudstumpers    
Found By WalksLikeTrees
Last Found Nov 16 2008
Hike Distance?

A narrow gauge railroad used to run from Cripple Creek to Victor and thru Phantom Canyon to Florence and beyond. Today it is part of the Gold Belt Tour. This more gentle route has it's hazzards. Recent flash flooding has taken out one of the bridges. There were 12 bridges and 2 tunnels. I believe there are now only 11 bridges. Modern engineering has fixed the problem rather cleaverly. Watch for falling rocks.

We wanted to give others the opportunity to experiance our idea for a "Sunday Drive". We have seen deer and mountain goats as well as the usual cows, horses, and little critters. We like to start in Canon City on Red Canyon Road, which changes to Shelf Road and head to Cripple Creek, take in the views, visit Molly Kathleen and the American Eagle Mines, then back thru Victor and onto Phantom Canyon Road (Gold Belt Tour) I believe it is Rt 86. At the junction take the low road into the canyon.

This is an easy drive by.
As with our other 2 boxes, it was made on the go as a microbox, no pen or ink pad included.

To find the box, search for the historical sign that reads "A trainride through Phantom Canyon" it is just under 6 miles in. Check out the history and the view. Turn around and see 2 boulders. The rock with the ledge underneath hides the box. It is wedged in and hidden by 3 rocks. Please replace it carefully and hide it well. Weather and critters have a tendency to dislodge things easily up here.

Enjoy the drive and let us know about your adventures along the way. Be safe.

Still in place as of 9/16/06