Going to the Chapel  LbNA # 15007

Placed DateMay 7 2005
LocationMansfield Center, CT
Planted Byhodsthorn    
Found By Nairon
Last Found Jun 6 2015
Hike Distance?

These boxes have been placed for the summer, in anticipation of the marriage of Hodsthorn and Hezziwig on August 14, 2005. They'll be out only until the end of August. The stamps commemorate not only the wedding itself, but also the theme, which is Days of the Dead (the original celebration was held in late July and early August)...

From 195 in Mansfield, turn onto Puddin Lane (a left turn from the south, right from the north). Drive about 1/2 mile until you see a large rock on the right side of the road marking a trailhead for the Nipmuck trail. Park near the rock and follow the blue-blazed trail into the woods.

You'll be on this trail (stay on the blue blazes!) for maybe 3/4 of a mile. There may be some wet spots on the trail (I had to splash through a couple of seasonal streams) before you reach your destination. As you walk, look on the left of the trail (northwest) about 10 paces away for a large boulder which has split in half. One half still stands straight, but the other lies flat in front of it, forming an altar of sorts (Note: Chuck Straub refers to this same formation as a "table" in his clues to "In Search of Spring-Heeled Jack" and even provides a picture of it. I'm not quite that technologically savvy, so I'll just tell you that it's a very good picture and you can go have a look if you like).

Climb onto the "altar" and sight 300o to a smaller rock 20 paces distant. A slightly nervous Groom waits behind this rock under a pile of sticks.

Go back to the altar and sight 140o across the Nipmuck trail to another, unmarked trail which begins here, forming an "aisle". Begin walking on this trail, counting 65 paces from its beginning, and watching out on your left for a low, smallish rock with a very slender tree growing out of its top. The tree overhangs the trail slightly. Sight 40o from here and walk off-trail 41 paces to the beginning of a stone wall. Stop at the tree on the west side of the wall, right where it starts. Now walk 19 paces along the wall to a chunk of wood low in the wall which conceals the Bride. Please stamp in and rehide well. Return to the blue blazed trail and follow it back to your car.