Great Outdoors #6  LbNA # 15044

OwnerDouble Tree    
Placed DateMay 12 2005
LocationGresham, OR
Found By hakk
Last Found Mar 26 2012
Hike Distance?

Southwest Park is a neighborhood park located at the intersection of SW 5th and Hartley in Gresham. Enter SW 5th just north of Powell on 182nd, follow SW 5th to the end, and park there.

Enter the park and follow the wide path to the edge of the Doug fir forest, cross the meadow, and stand just inside the edge of the cedar grove.

To your right is a stump. 29 paces ahead from the stump, is a tree with another behind it. Brush away the cedar debris to find the box.

Note the larger capitalized letter in each stamp, as the 3 will be part of the clue to the final box in the series.

I didn't see any jungle gyms or picnic tables, but this is a lovely patch of city forest, perfect for a stroll with the kids and dog on a hot summer afternoon. Ever lay down in tall grass so that you can see only the blue sky, and daydream? The meadow (when not mowed) is perfect for this. Enjoy your day.