Lone Goose  LbNA # 1505 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateMay 19 2001
LocationMansfield Center, CT
Found By Silent Doug
Last Found Sep 18 2005
Hike Distance?

A BY WATER letterbox Canoe, Kayak or fishing boat required.

Depends on your Mode of travel; could be a few minutes to two hours

Planted 5-19-01 by Cowboy and Leader of the Pack

We ventured to Mansfield Hollow in Mansfield by way of Bassetts Bridge Rd. We were taking brand new Kayaks for a first adventure in the lake. The day was grand, our paddles , lifejackets and kayaks in the back of the pickup. Old Town Canoe was having a great demonstration sponsored by our friends at Water Works Canoe Rte 6 N. Windham. You can rent a canoe or kayak here. Many of their models were available for trying what a fun day! We suggest you go to the boat launch and put in there. Paddle through the tubes and head toward the dam. As you come down the lake come around the meadow keep the meadow on the right as you come into view of the dam keep it to your right and head directly toward the dike in the distance. The dike here resembles the great wall of China. Keep your eyes alert we saw a muskrat , and a great blue heron on this trip. We needed to turn along the opposite shore as we passed three trees on the waters edge, a gravel embankment to the water and into a small cove on the left. This is such a quiet little cove we paddled straight to the end our back was to the dike now and beached our boats there. We scrambled up the embankment under the pines at the peak of the little hill we took a right. Note two large pines that have fallen. In the roots of the further one the Lone Goose has made her nest. Good Luck and remember where a life jacket everyone!