Don't Let the Sun Go Down on Me  LbNA # 15052 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateApr 23 2005
LocationFranktown, CO
Found By Chasers
Last Found Jul 11 2005
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Location: Castlewood Canyon State Park, CO ($5 Day Use Fee)

Directions To Park: To reach Castlewood Canyon State Park, take I-25 to Castle Rock, turn east on Highway 86, go six miles to Franktown, turn south on Highway 83 (S. Parker Rd.)and go five miles south to the park entrance.

Short Clues: Main Park Entry. Canyon View Nature Trail. Paw Prints Marker. 40 degrees. 25 paces. Backside of cairn.


Castlewood Canyon State Park is one of the State's most beautiful parks.

Situated in the Black Forest of central Colorado, it is an absolute geological wonder.
You can see spectacular metamorphic and sedimentary rock formations in the canyon, carved by Cherry Creek.

This is an excellent spot for a picnic, as there are both small tables scattered throughout the park, as well as a very large group facility.

There is a small playground, and lots of wide concrete trail to walk on.

Castlewood is particularly beautiful in the spring, as you get to see lots and lots of moss, lichen, frogs, lizards, etc.

In the summer, bring your sunscreen. The sun reflecting off the rocks will cook you!

The Don't Let The Sun Go Down On Me box was put together by phoenix and the stamp hand carved by her. Thanks to her honey & son Connor for help with planting.

You can find out more about the park here: action=article&contentID=612&parkID=76

Pictorial Clues here:

Please note that there are two separate sides to the park. You need to go in the Main Park entry, which is off of Highway 83 (aka Parker Road).

Verbose Clues:

1. Park in the Juniper Rock parking lot.

2. Go to the entrance of the "Canyon View Nature Trail".

3. Head along the trail for about 5 minutes. You will see a number of animal-themed trail markers along the way. You should pass the pronghorn and lizard markers. When you get to a marker with a pair of small paw prints on it, stop.

4. To your North should be an open expanse of rock. Head at 40 degrees (NNE), for 25 paces. You should be at a natrual cairn of rock. Look on the backside of this, in a crevice. Hopefully, there will be rocks concealing the box. Please replace them! Remember this is snake country, please use caution when reaching into crevices.