KJ's Best  LbNA # 1506 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateApr 28 2003
LocationStorrs, CT
Found By Sellarom
Last Found Jan 27 2009
Hike Distance?

The original KJ'S Best was planted for the 2001 Winter Gathering. In spring it was stolen. Here are clues to the new box in a new place. We hope you enjoy a little adventure and a lot of ice cream.

KJ'S is Kathy Johns ice cream shop it is at the intersection of Rte 44 and 195 just north of the University of Connecticut campus in Storrs a section of Mansfield. It makes a great stop on a day of letterboxing in the area.

Enter the ice cream shop and your senses explode. The smell of cheeseburgers, the colorful decorations hanging from the ceiling dazzle your eye, bins of Beany Babies await a cuddle , and somewhere amidst all this a letterbox. We recommend you turn right ,pass the candy and take another right into a letterboxers dream world. Millions of rubberstamps...... so many images ,imagine all the great box ideas. We begin shopping not with purpose but reckless abandon the kid let loose in the candy shop. A stamp of this and two of these. This would make a series. Then on the wall to the left we spy little eliptical inks all in rows. Then there are those excellent color markers. Which color for which stamp? to the right is a shelf or two filled with cats and dogs. They are so cute we drop to our knees. There are specialty papers stacked too. Deep in a dark recess here, near the floor is a letterbox. When you find it retreat to a booth and ponder all the choices of stamps. The new stamp was donated by the kind folks at KJ's as well as the bold colored ink. Stamp in the book leave a note and return it to its den. Please try not to let anyone see you taking or returning the box. As check out your purchases and think about the wonderful flavors. Plan another letterbox too.