East Ridge Frick Park  LbNA # 15067

Placed DateMay 14 2005
LocationPittsburgh, PA
Found By Crazy Kids
Last Found May 10 2014
Hike Distance?

Originally planted by MLMS and adopted in September 2010 by PinkCat.

This is a nice and easy hike for kids. You need to travel to Frick Park at S. Braddock Avenue. Find the Biddle Building and park in the lot next to the tennis courts.

Locate the trail sign that says Braddock Trail. Facing the sign go left or south down the trail. Stay on the main path. Walk until you get to a paved road. Cross the road and continue on the path. Follow for about 100 yards from the road around a sharp bend in trail. There is a drainage pipe sticking out of rocks below right side of trail. A little further up the trail on the left side of the path you will find a double tree with knarled roots. With your feet standing on the path, put your back to the double tree and walk 20 paces into the woods. Look for the tall solo standing tree on the edge of the hill. On the back side of the tree look in you will find what you seek.