Great Outdoors #7  LbNA # 15071

OwnerDouble Tree    
Placed DateMay 14 2005
LocationGresham, OR
Found By kiddie troop
Last Found May 24 2008
Hike Distance?

1/31/10 There have been several boxes of this series go missing. Since obviously such hiding places didn't work long-term, I've reproduced missing stamps and put all of them in one box. Which one? You'll find out.....

(There used to be 8 boxes of this series in the park. To preserve the history, I've left the remaining ones numbered as they originally were.)

Box 4. Return to the fern-tree. Take the final trail at 60 degrees. Walk until roots cross the trail. Standing on the roots, turn around 180 degrees to see a Doug fir and cedar on your right. At the base of the fir, under moss, is the fourth box. Please re-cover well.

Box 5. Turn back around and proceed down this trail past the K marker. Just after this, the trail is cut off by the ever-changing Sandy River banks. Proceed to the intersection marked J. Head down the trail at 210 degrees. Watch for 2 particularly large firs on your left, about 8 paces before a 1' mossy stump also on the left. There is a short but noticeable trail between the trees. Buried under cedar debris & moss, behind the mossy cedar on the left is box 5. As I planted this box there was a fairy ring in the "clearing" behind one of the cedars.

Box 6. Back down to the regular path. Continue on your way. There is a blotchy mossy maple on the left. Remove the moss at the base and find the 6th box. Please re-cover well.

Box 7. At box 6 your are nearly at the end of the trail, so at this point, turn around and head back to the intersection with marker J. Proceed on the path at 340 degrees. Watch for a large cedar on the left with a 10' mossy hollowed out stump of Doug fir (missing?) on the right. At the base of the cedar, under moss, is the 7th box.

At this point, you can proceed down the gravelly gully, and the trail leaves off toward the left. You will encounter 2 large downed trees mostly covering the path for a ways. Follow along the trees and you'll see the path again.

Proceed to the intersection, the one mentioned at the very beginning. De ja vu? To your right is buried kayak. Take the trail uphill to your left, and you'll be back at site 17.

Note the larger capitalized letters in each stamp, as they are part clue to the final box.