Desert in Bloom  LbNA # 15081

Placed DateMay 14 2005
LocationKuna, ID
Found By goldenoldie
Last Found Apr 22 2015
Hike Distance?

“Desert in Bloom” Letterbox
Clue Difficulty: Easy
Terrain Difficulty: Easy – Some Rocks
Wheelchair Accessible: No
Child Friendly: Yes
Pet Friendly: Yes
Number of Boxes: 1
Hand Carved Stamp: Yes
First Finder Artifact: Yes
Stamp Pad/Ink: No

4/12/2007 – Not completely convinced that this box is MIA. We went by to check on it but it was dark when we arrived. In the desert dirt and rocks all look the same in the dark! I will try to get back out to check on it again in the future. Will re-plant if it is gone.

Special Notes: Make sure to print out the clues to “Boulder Graveyard”, “Water the Eagle” and “Swan Falls Dam” planted by A-Bear before you head out. These are great boxes and are all on your way to “Desert in Bloom.” Take along sunscreen, binoculars and a fishing pole if you have the time. There is fishing along the Snake River Canyon and if you visit early enough you might be in luck to see birds of prey soaring over the canyon. Also take lots of water as none is provided in the area. Tennis shoes are also recommended. Also if you are traveling with little ones you might make a stop at the Dedication Point before heading down the hill towards the damn. There are restrooms at the Dedication Point but not near the letterboxes below. Also the view from the Dedication Point is incredible! You can actually see where you are heading to below from up above.

Directions: From I-84 take exit 44 (Meridian) and head south on route 69 to Kuna. Drive through Kuna and turn left onto Swan Falls Road. The road is approximately 21 miles in distance to Swan Falls Damn. At the bottom of the hill just before a sign that says “Swan Falls Project” turn right. As this small road curves you can either park and walk to the box (round trip distance 4.6 miles) or you can drive down the dirt road that is to your right at the curve in the road.

Follow the dirt and gravel road north away from the dam. This road is easily drivable. The Snake River will be on your left and the canyon walls will be on your right. Go approximately 2.3 miles until you come to a wooden sign on your right that says “Please Help Protect the Snake River Canyon.” Turn into the turn around spot at the sign on your right and park. Walk back over to the sign and facing 30 degrees NE walk 35 paces or 70 steps. Turn to face 330 degrees NW and walk 15 paces or 30 steps. Directly in front of you should be a large cracked rock. Climb around the right of this rock to the back and hidden under a small pile of rocks is the “Desert in Bloom” letterbox.

We did not see any snakes during our visit however; always take adequate precautions when moving rocks in the desert by prodding with a stick and/or wearing gloves. Should you note the box missing, it’s contents in bad repair or if you just want to say hi please contace me at Happy hunting!